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    How to Choose Prayer Mat?
    0 How to Choose Prayer Mat?


        Carpet, rug and woven mat models, these are the most used home textile products for floor decoration in homes. However, prayer mat, is an essential and inevitable equipment to find in a random house if the people live there are prayers.

    1- Definition and Types of Prayer Mats

        Prayer mat or rug is the general name for the ground cloths that are sized according to praying on. They are mostly made from yarn, straw, fabric, or peltry. Prayer mats were made of palm leaves in the ...

    What Should I Take to My Hajj & Umrah?
    0 What Should I Take to My Hajj & Umrah?

    Hajj & Umrah Requirements List

        We tackle the questions like; “what should I bring with?, what to eat and what to drink? how much money is going to be needed?” and so on, when we live the sweet flurry of the Hajj & Umrah Visit’s preparation, especially if it is going to be the first one.

        In case, even if we did forget something, it is quite possible to find everything in both cities Macca or Madinah. Therefore, do not overweight your luggages with stuff that you might find there easily....

    What is the Best Fabric for Abaya?
    0 What is the Best Fabric for Abaya?

    The abaya, which is a special dress that can hardly be replaced with other choices of dresses. But not all the pieces are equal and there are certain types of fabrics that are used the most in veiling fashion recently. Simply, this article is going to be about them. 

        An abaya should be front-panel with both reflecting your style and excellent workmanship beside the fabric itself. On an ordinary day, fabric does not seem like a big deal what matters more is the form of the abaya and if it fi...

    Where is the HIJAB Come from ?
    0 Where is the HIJAB Come from ?

    As a social phenomenon, female’s head covering is known to be born in Sumerians time to let on the holy temple women from others. This was not an actual society matter in order to that what interests us more its usage in the reign of Assyrians Civilisation. 

      Here, the "Assyrian law" was introduced at this point in the historical process.
    And we find in the Assyrian society the first written sources in history about the bases of the Turban/Hijab or more meaningfully the dressing styles of mus...
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