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    Under Islamic, or Shariah law, investors must shun companies involved in, for example, alcohol, tobacco, gambling or weapons — restrictions common to many religious groups. Shariah law also prohibits interest, because loans should be charitable acts. So Muslims follow its rule and earn and spend in Halal way. offers franchises or investment plans for serious strategic partners who have the capital ready to set up branches or open their own shop with linked Here are our program to join. 

    • Promote in your local market and get profit from us. commissions are depend on your investment amount that you are willing to spend. There is no limit amount for this plan. 
    • Open your own local online shop linked with you can buy from us and sell in your market or you just promote and manage site and get sales so we will direct send goods to your costumer. Starting amount for this plan is $5,000. this amount will be spent on your site and we will never charge commission from it. Investors commission is starting %10 from whole sales amount but also it depends on your invest amount. 
    • Invest with Muslim populated market areas. Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, and other special areas. Starting amount is $100,000, profit is starting from 20% and more according to your invest amount. 
    • Invest in  If you want to join in this program please kindly contact our financial department to get more details.