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    How to Choose Prayer Mat?

    How to Choose Prayer Mat?


        Carpet, rug and woven mat models, these are the most used home textile products for floor decoration in homes. However, prayer mat, is an essential and inevitable equipment to find in a random house if the people live there are prayers.

    1- Definition and Types of Prayer Mats

        Prayer mat or rug is the general name for the ground cloths that are sized according to praying on. They are mostly made from yarn, straw, fabric, or peltry. Prayer mats were made of palm leaves in the early days of Islam and have been diversified in terms of both material and design with the development of technology. Nowadays, you can find machine weaving, chenille woven and leather prayer mats in addition to handmade prayer mats. Even though, traditionally, the mats have abundant embroideries, they also have simple and elegant models that will go into the hall carpet or modern carpet class. Other types of prayer mats include the ones for the bedroom, patchwork or antique. While non-slip prayer mats make you pray safely, smart prayer rugs help you and your children.

    2- Usage of a Prayer Mat

        Before the decoration concerns, the main purpose of the prayer mat is basically to let you pray comfortably in a clean area separated from the rest of the floor. 

        Prayer carpets are advantageous in terms of providing you with enough thickness even when laid on a simple floor. Moreover, it saves you the trouble of constantly spreading out the prayer mat every time you pray. An also you can make the prayer carpet a harmonious part of your decoration without any difficulty. However, it is a must to have it in a secluded corner of the hall, living room or bedroom that is not constantly being stepped on. A thinner prayer mat can hurt your hands and knees on a bare floor. It will be better to use it on a carpet that will allow you to turn to Qibla and when the prayer is finished, it can be just folded and taken away.


    3- Points to Consider When Picking a Prayer Mat

       Before its decorativeness, it is essential for a prayer mat to be comfortable and quality. Thus, when picking a prayer mat this need to be kept in mind. Prayer mat should be large enough to allow you to pray comfortably. 75x125 cm, 70x120 cm and approx. for an adult prayer. 

       Prices may vary according to the material and dimensions. Economical and varied prayer sets are also an attractive option. The simplest and most common tools can be find in this sets of prayer mats. For example, zikr-counter, prayer hat, scarf, tasbeeh, or rose essence. Satin and embroidered prayer mat sets for dowry are also available and products comes with the prayer mat likely to be a towel, bundle and Quran container. 

       In, patchwork, spongy, non-slip, pocket sized, traveler style, silvery, mosque style, special design, chenille, cotton, satin, velvet, taffeta, silk satin, thick or thin carpet prayer mats and more can be found in adult or child sizes.


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