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    What Should I Take to My Hajj & Umrah?

    What Should I Take to My Hajj & Umrah?

    Hajj & Umrah Requirements List

        We tackle the questions like; “what should I bring with?, what to eat and what to drink? how much money is going to be needed?” and so on, when we live the sweet flurry of the Hajj & Umrah Visit’s preparation, especially if it is going to be the first one.

        In case, even if we did forget something, it is quite possible to find everything in both cities Macca or Madinah. Therefore, do not overweight your luggages with stuff that you might find there easily. But, only thing you may not provide can be medicine. So, better be aware of that firstly.

    1- Clothes

         As you may be well-aware; Macca and Madinah has got hot weather either in summer or winter seasons. Hence, a garment what is going to be on you should be suitable for summer months, light coloured and in-transparent. Weather is slightly cool in Madinah during the fajr(morning) and maghreb(evening) prayer times. It will be beneficial to you to take a light jacket or cardigan if you are outside. And be careful to pick your clothes according to their fabric type which should be antiperspirant and cottony.

         Socks are not commonly used items. However, you may wanna consider to have some with you for occasions that require to put shoes on. And also there are special wudu socks that are made for women for their hajj & umrah visits.

         Tawaf booties, are necessary to put on when you Tawaf the Kaaba.

         Slippers are being used more than shoes for sure. Therefore, the pieces need to be well-fit on your feet and should be designed to put on and take off easily.

         There should be enough of underwear.  According to days of stay, underwear number can be took in consideration.

         Ihram contains two seam-free cloth pieces. This two pieces of cloth is worn in this holy visits by muslim men. They can not have anything else on, such as underwear.

         Ihram belt, sun glasses, neck hanged wallet and thin gloves are some other recommended items you may be appreciate to have during your visit.

    2- Health Care Products

        Hajj & umrah travels are about continual mobility one place to another. It is better to take account you may become tired, weak or even sick after some time. Taking some precautions can help but it mostly what happens. In both cities Macca and Madinah, there are pharmacies, high number of pharmacies. However, bringing your own medicines with you will definitely be benefit of you in any circumstances.

        Painkillers, nausea pills, diarrhea medicines, throat lozenges, cough pills, rash cream, heel cream, adhesive bandage and cotton may be the things to count which can answer most of your needs for healthcare during your travel.

    3- Cleaning

        Odourless soap, shampoo, fragrant soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cologne, napkins, nail clipper and a small scissors are recommended to be present with you for cleaning concerns during your visit.

    4- Prayers and Other Requirements

        Holy Quran, a lightweight prayer mat, a prayer hat, tasbeeh and beside these, a notepad, a light cross bag, stone sac, mobile sim card, needle, thread, spool and sewing kit will be beneficial to you to experience a trouble-free hajj or umrah visit as well.



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